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Name: Steven P.
You surprised me
When I turned to you, I did it with caution, because I know many different people , who will not do their job well. But you surprised me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Im recommending you, because you do work with conscience.
May 27, 2018
Name: Diana F.
Satisfactory service
When you place an order online, you never know what will you get in result. The same situation was with this company but I decided to risk. The writer followed my requirements fully and I was satisfied with this paper. If I need help with my future assignments, I will ask them.
May 07, 2018
Name: Elan
Very pleased with this service!
Very pleased with this service! The science article that i asked for was magnificent, my tutor was pretty excited with it and gave me an A+. Also i have asked for a 1 day time entry but it was below my expectation - only 12 hours for such hard work!I very recommend this website because of high service quality and reliable work.
May 21, 2018
Name: Robert
Not bad
Not bad! Average prices, fast delivery. I like this service.
September 24, 2018
Name: Darina
The level of the writer is the highest
I always thought that such companies worked not honestly. But our collaboration with this company left only positive emotions and impressions. The level of the writer is the highest, believe me! These guys know how to do a professional business. Now I have one more company for my homeworks.
April 24, 2018
Name: Emma Addison
It worth the money you pay them
It worth the money you pay them. They really work, no scam. Thanks
October 21, 2018
Name: Garry G.
This service saved my life!
This service saved my life! I urgently needed to write a paper, but wherever I ordered, sent some kind of horror, or did not send anything at all. And then one of the friends recommended this service. There was almost no time, and I wrote them right away. They wrote the perfect job in the shortest possible time 6 hours! I recommend only this service!
March 24, 2018
Name: Valeo B.
I am very glad that I used this service
I am very glad that I used this service. With confidence, I can say that the essay was completed quickly. A lot of additional literature was used. I will use them in the future. Thanks! Thanks! Many Thanks!
March 03, 2018
Name: Mat B.
Great work
I had some orders with this company. Almost everything was done exactly like I wanted. Using the LiveChat, I requested some revisions. In overall, the service is great! If you need the paper, they will easily write it for you!
February 19, 2018
Name: Vales B.
Cooperation on the highest level
I learned from my group mate about this site. He bought some big home works on physics and mathematical analysis and was very proud with the result. I tried it too. I didnt expect that my exercises will be done in such terms. Cooperation was on high level as well as the quality of their work. Thank you!
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Today, it is impossible to provide low-quality service without getting tons of negative comments from the customers on the web. And no company could get rid of that flow of feedback, especially when it is posted on such well-known customer platforms as TrustPilots andc SiteJabber.

There is probably not a single Internet user who has never visited one of these review sites at least once looking for feedback online. These platforms were created to give all customers an opportunity to share their experience and recommend a certain company to people or warn them about the quality of services.

Can You Trust Review Platforms?

You may ponder how one can still trust these review platforms because companies may leave positive comments about their services themselves. That is a good remark, and maybe some businesses could do such a trick to place themselves in the best possible light, but it would not work with writing companies.

Those who want to leave a comment on one of these review platforms first have to provide the order id to prove that he or she has really placed an order on the writing site previously.

Without this information, a comment will never be posted on a site. So, only real users can share their experience.

Another reason why you can trust review platforms is the flow of both positive and not very positive comments on these sites. The biggest misconception is to believe that the presence of a couple of negative reviews means that there is something wrong with the service and it is probably better not to use it. There is not a single business with a 5-star rating. For example, let’s take a look at the Apple Company. This the undoubtful leader which provides quality smartphones, notebooks, and other electronic gadgets highly valued by customers all over the world. Nevertheless, even such a huge company with a solid reputation doesn’t have a 5-star rating on SiteJabber. It doesn't even have a rate of 4.5, but only 4.1. It seems impossible, but in fact, that shows real rather than fake customers’ feedback about the product.

The point why even the best of the best companies cannot get the highest rating is that there have always been will always be customers, who for some reasons have not got exactly what they wanted. And that is a normal and even essential phenomenon. That’s why a rating which varies from 4 to 5 stars signifies a good service, while a 5-star rating backed by a hundred reviews is a true sign that there is something wrong with such a service.

Another thing which you have to pay special attention to analyzing the company’s rating is the balance between positive and negative reviews. For instance, a company may have a 4.3 rating, but it has 300 reviews with a 5-star rating and 60 reviews with a 1-star rating, and that’s it. The average rating is 4.3, but why are there so many strictly negative reviews? That has to warn you and make you carefully examine why people are not satisfied with the service. The absence of a smooth transition from absolutely negative to absolutely positive reviews is not natural, and thus, you need to be very careful dealing with such a service.

SiteJabber and TrustPilot Platforms

SiteJabber and TrustPilot are very similar platforms and work according to the same principles. Any person may leave a comment about any service. To do that, you need to create an account on the site or use your social network profile. After that, you may leave your feedback and set the rating which you believe corresponds to the quality of service you received. Not all reviews become visible at once since sometimes they have to get approved by a moderator. This process may take from a couple of hours to several days. Sometimes, you may even get asked to provide some more information on your case. That’s necessary to prevent fake comments from users who are not actual customers. A review can be found on both platforms. Visit these sites to learn what experience our customers want to share with others.

The Final Choice is Always up to You

We provide our users with links to SiteJabber and TrustPilot because we have nothing to hide and we are open to critique from our customers as it is the best way to become better. We welcome our customers to share the experience they had with our company on these trustworthy and reliable review platforms.

If you have already applied to our service, please write your TrustPilot or SiteJabber review so that others could learn about your experience. That will certainly help them to make the right choice while searching for a reliable essay-writing company.

We believe that each review is precious since it contributes to the company’s reputation and creates an image which is based on the opinions of many customers. Due to such reviews, we find out what our customers find lacking and how we can improve our service to increase the level of users’ satisfaction to the maximum.