Your greatest wish is to get a well-paid job after graduation. You start looking for the most promising vacancies and understand that perfect knowledge of English is a must in the modern world. How to assure the prospective employer that you are an ideal match for the position? How to make him think that you know English perfectly? To provide some international certificates, of course. IELTS is required not only when you are going to get a lucrative job, but when you are going to enter one of the educational institutions in such countries like the UK, Australia, The USA, Canada, etc. Anyone wishing to take the test has to contact one of 500 centers located in more than 115 countries.

Some students need an IELTS essay help to pass the test, and others can handle this challenge themselves. 

The test consists of four parts. They include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students have not only to write on a definite topic, but they also have to do it without mistakes. Are you confident that your English is good enough to cope with the writing part? If no, we have prepared a list of useful IELTS essay writing tips which will help to create an ideal essay.

IELTS Essay Writing Tips

Writing section in IELTS consists of two tasks - the first one is to write a letter and the second task is to make an essay. If you have never written academic assignments and consider them to be a real nightmare, you definitely need an IELTS essay help. Look at the top tips on how to cope with the writing section:
- Take your time to understand the question.
- Write down a plan.
- Manage time - you have only forty minutes.
- Base your opinion.
- Avoid using repetitive words.
- Stick to an essay structure. It should include an introduction, several paragraphs, and a conclusion.
- Give preference to the formal language.

We hope that our IELTS essay writing tips will help you to pass a test and get the highest score.

 IELTS Essay Writing Rules - How Many Words to Write?

We have already told that IELTS includes several writing tasks. To successfully complete the first one, you will have to write 150 words or more. Keep in mind that there is no upper limit. The second one has to include at least 250 words. Some students think that the more they write, the better. It is a mistaken opinion. Think about the unique content, and avoid any irrelevant information. Remember about IELTS essay writing rules. Quality, but not quantity is a must.

 In case you write less, you will get a penalty. We hope that you don’t want to receive a low score, that’s why stick to the IELTS essay writing rules.

IELTS Essay Writing Advantages and Disadvantages - How to Cope with It?

You may get a problem solution, an opinion, or an advantage and disadvantage essay. Students usually have a lot of questions on how to write all these types of assignments. To cope with the IELTS essay writing advantages and disadvantages stick to the following structure:

  • Write an introduction, paraphrasing the question.
  • Speak about the advantages.
  • Devote the second paragraph to disadvantages.
  • Summarize the main points

Now you see that IELTS essay writing advantages and disadvantages are not complicated. The main thing is to justify your point of view.