If you can’t remember the last time you have had fun, the school must be getting to you. If you always feel stressed and stretched thin, homework has become too much. If every school night you can’t fall asleep and every morning you feel exhausted, it’s time to reconsider your life choices and find a better way of dealing with assignments.

Writing an expository essay for middle school and higher academic levels seems like the easiest possible task. However, once you consider the topic and come up with an outline, you start struggling. It’s hard to separate your opinions from facts, and your description is forever shifting into persuasion or narration. As a result, you waste extra hours trying to get your act together and write something that will pass for an expository essay. Unfortunately, your efforts are rarely appreciated, and you get one mediocre grade after another.

Is there nothing you can do to get out of this vicious circle? A few options come to mind, such as getting a classmate to do it for you or copying an older sibling’s paper. However, none of these solutions are sustainable in the long run. You will probably get caught and suffer through detention or suspension. Worse still, your record might get a black mark that will follow you into high school and college.

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